Aktion Mensch – German Evangelical Church Congress

Aktion Mensch wanted to present information about its development, philosophy and scope of services. In this context it was of great importance that the organisation was perceived correctly – as an open-minded, lively, but also reputable non-profit association taking and accepting people in their entirety.


With its heterogeneous group of visitors, the Evangelical Church Congress provided a suitable setting. Firstly, we aimed at bringing those already familiar with Aktion Mensch closer to the organisation. But we also wanted to inform other visitors about the whole organisation and introduce the following five different subject areas: the discoverer network for children and the youth community, the procurement of counselling services, individual support in certain life situations, and a network for reflecting on the current social state.
The great popularity of the Church Congress and of the accompanying hustle and bustle made it a tricky task to attract the visitors‘ attention and clearly communicate the message ‘We work for and with the people‘. Our approach was to enable the guests not only to see and read about the services provided by Aktion Mensch, but also to experience them with all their senses. In this way complex topics were presented without using a lot of words.
The central element of our concept was of course people. Their individuality, ability to communicate, facial expressions and gestures, and their strengths and weaknesses were brought to life by more than 30 different human silhouettes which gave the stand its particular character. Each of the freestanding or cut out silhouettes symbolised a subject area, conveying content and providing intuitive orientation. Likewise, each area presented activities in an associative way: young visitors became junior detectives in the ‘X & Co’ discoverer network; whereas the ‘Gesellschafter‘ (members of society) motivated the guests to express their own utopian ideas photographically.
Barrier-free access to the stand was of special importance. Texts, pictures and videos were placed horizontally on the info-tables. The way out was a whisper path where all of the silhouettes from the five areas told their personal stories to emotionally emphasise the objectives of Aktion Mensch.
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