Angkor. Sacred Heritage of Cambodia

The 1,600-square-metre “Angkor” exhibition at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany devoted special attention to typical bas-relief art of the legendary Angkor Wat temple complex. These works of art are considered the most important examples of Khmer architecture and were presented as life-sized photo friezes and plaster casts. They impressively convey the creative and artistic perfection of the Khmer in the representation of epic and mythical scenes.


More than 130 monumental exhibits – stone sculptures, bronze statues, wooden sculptures, silver objects and paintings – placed in different thematic spaces immediately immersed visitors in the mystical world of Angkor.
The exhibition offered an overview of the art of Angkor while also presenting important wider themes in art history. The exhibits were placed in historical, social and religious context as prescribed by the curators in order to show the development of Angkor’s cultural background and the extent of its legacy to the present day.
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