B. Braun Visitors Centre

B. Braun, one of the leading manufacturers of medical engineering and infusion solutions, wanted to present its two new production plants to its customers and other visitors.


The exhibits In the LIFE Nutrition plant were closely and aesthetically coordinated with each other. A wall installation with white cubes arranged in a form to emulate the plant halls and buildings was particularly impressive. It served as an architectural model and interactive media exhibit utilising video projection.
As the visitors strolled down the long, glass-wall-lined aisles of the two production halls, they encountered seven optical stops. Here, essential steps in the production of infusion solutions were shown as outline animations. The projections were cast onto HoloPro foil granting an unhindered view of the production facilities.
The foyer of plant W for dialysis machines and infusion pumps accommodated the “Marktplatz Mensch” (the human marketplace). The most striking exhibit was a 200-kg sphere with a 1.5-metre diameter that, despite being safely anchored on beams, appeared to float freely at eye-level. 360° projections of a world map showing B. Braun’s international locations transformed the sphere into a globe; it also served as a spherical screen for animations featuring the company’s entrepreneurial values and an image film. The installation was at its most spectacular in the evening when, shining brightly, it could even be viewed from street level.
Another highlight were two small columns at table height flanked by two small showcases from which two infusion pump systems emerged reminding visitors how large the syringes in automated infusion systems are. An interactive architectural model rounded off the exhibits at plant W – after all the buildings themselves are works of art in their own right.
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