Bayer Anniversary Tour

Although it was founded in the nineteenth century, Bayer has always focused on the future as demonstrated by its latest claim ”Science For A Better Life“.


As part of the company’s 150th anniversary, krafthaus developed an anniversary tour to carry the Bayer mission around the world. The 21 letters of the slogan ”Science For A Better Life“ were transformed into individual showcases each illustrating a specific Bayer topic – from A for Aspirin and E for Energy Efficient Mobility to S for Science.
We decided to add a full stop with an extra case presenting the history of Bayer as an interactive experience. All 22 modules of the travelling exhibition were designed to enable quick and easy assembly without any scientific knowledge whatsoever.
The exhibition focused on the topics of health, agriculture and high-quality materials. By presenting specific and tangible examples, we demonstrated Bayer’s contribution to improving the lives of millions of people all over the world through its research activities and innovative products. Visitors were invited to personally experience this mission with the help of various interactive games and installations.
Numerous surprises were in store. Who knows, for example, how much research work is invested in developing seeds before rice gets to the table? Which new car owner is aware of the fact that her sunroof is made of the transparent polycarbonate Makrolon®? A combination of pictures, texts and integrated media stations conveyed these and many more facts and details.
The anniversary tour was as global as Bayer’s commitment. Stopping off at about 30 locations on five continents including Mexico City, São Paulo and Shanghai as well as many other smaller Bayer venues, the exhibition achieved its central objective of attracting international attention.
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