Bayer Lounge

The BayArena is an architectural gem and home to Bayer 04 Leverkusen. What it lacked was a multi-functional business room which could also double as a prestigious lounge on match days and also provide space for meetings, presentations and discussions during the week.


krafthaus developed an extraordinary lounge concept for one of the Champions League’s top teams. The spectacular view of the BayArena is breathtaking enough, but this impression is intensified by the media-oriented architecture that dispels with the conventional conceptions associated with conference rooms. The design of the lounge exudes quality, precision and taste. It fulfils all the possible requirements with its multi-functional design.
The room is dominated by a table sculpture integrating the latest ergonomic findings on communicational situations. Centrally placed, the spacious one-piece table creates opportunities for encounters – from casual conversations to intense working sessions. The table’s curved shape enables a smooth transition between the various communicational situations and different presentation spots within the lounge.
Another top performer is the speaker’s desk – it features a high level of functionality and can also be converted into a buffet table. The screen integrated into the speaker’s desk is supplemented by a split wall featuring nine LED monitors. Additional information can be presented with six touchscreens located on the back wall of the lounge. The screen surfaces are connected with the LED ceiling along the top edges, and even the edges of the table are a part of the total medium-based ensemble. The media walls can be interconnected allowing the presentation spots to be changed as desired. This achieves an almost 360°display of films and charts.
The tablet-controlled lounge can be adapted to any corporate event. A total of three room pre-sets, “Welcome”, “Meeting”, and “Live Match” await deployment. The content is provided by the current Bayer image film, an emotional sound collage, and photographs composed onto the media surfaces. The individually selectable “contribution app“ opens up the whole world of Bayer products and applications to discovery. On a purely technical level, Bayer 04 is also unmistakeably in a class of itsown.
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