Borusseum –BVB Dortmund 09 Football Museum

In 2008 the football club Borussia Dortmund got its own club museum, which krafthaus, the workshop belonging to facts and fiction planned, designed and implemented.


A double approach incorporating fan culture and football history forms the basis of the permanent exhibition. Next to the exhibits such as cups, trainer books, football shirts and original articles from the club’s history, interactive stations invite visitors to participate in shaping the 800-square-metre Borusseum.
The legendary South Curve, the “yellow wall”, has been recreated forming the backbone of the museum with fan stations placed in front and behind. Six exhibition islands narrate the sporting development of the club from its foundation to the present. From the pub where the club was originally founded and the ‘Weiße Wiese’ (White Field) all the way to the Westfalia Stadium.
Visitors can interact with the history and presence of the club on the largely media-based fan stations. One example of this is the “borussenwiki” which – similar to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia – enables visitors to enter what they know about the club and share it with others.
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