Eifelmuseum Mayen

The Eifelmuseum in Mayen was designed and overseen by krafthaus the workshop belonging to facts and fiction, from the very first draft up to construction management.


The spatial structure conceptually reflects the thematic structure. The architectural ensemble of the historic Genovevaburg Castle and its tunnels has been used to create a dramaturgy from the bowels of the earth (tunnels/geology) to the heavens (belief / superstition) and everything that comes in between (human / animal / landscape).
The differentiation is intended to attract visitors of different age and interest groups. For children, a visit to the tunnels is an adventure whereas culturally and historically informed visitor discovers the unexpected on the level of faith / superstition.
The 20-metre-high “info monolith” provides a topographic and thematic guide to the Eifel Museum housed in the Genovevaburg Castle built in 1280. Illuminated by different colours, it divides the 2,033 m² of exhibition space over different levels.
Faith and superstition is housed on the top level. Here, visitors experience the former imaginary world of the local population with their fears and hopes.
This view includes a worldly look at the work and lives of the Eifel settlers from the Celts and the Romans to the present day.
The interaction between humans, animals and nature on the “Landscape” level is brought to life with interactive stations and sound installations.
The “Geology” level demonstrates the power of nature with suspended lava bombs.
Visitors finally reach the underground tunnels via info monolith After putting on protective clothing, the everyday life of the Mosel slate miners can be experienced.
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