iLux – Identities in Luxemburg

The iLUX exhibition is based on the findings of a multidisciplinary scientific study by the University of Luxemburg on identity constructions in Luxemburg.


Identity does not exist as such; it is neither natural nor God-given. It is a double process of categorisation which includes both personal appropriation and the attribution of social identity. This evolves over a lifetime. We are constantly trying to reconcile these different identities or assemble them ‘under one roof’. But behind this closed external facade life is much more complicated.
This association formed the basis of our exhibition concept. The study on identity was presented as an abstracted apartment in which three-dimensional objects and exhibits ‘grew out’ of a two-dimensional architectural plan.
The different topics were assigned to certain rooms: the kitchen was where you met and talked to each other and, therefore, the place where the aspect of language was dealt with – a pie chart became a pie. In the intimacy of the bedroom, delicate issues like the gender roles were examined. Topics regarding the body were naturally allocated to the bathroom, and moral concepts to the place where they are taught – the nursery.
Each room told a different story while remaining part of the entire apartment; an analogy to the multiple identities existing in every individual.
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