Lanxess Media and Investors’ Day

Investors and multipliers are needed to transfer a restructuring phase into a growth phase. This was the situation facing Lanxess, which is why the international chemical company whose roots go back to Bayer AG wanted an event to present itself as autonomous, dynamic and innovative. Lanxess’ products and performance as well as its corporate philosophy and culture had a role to play.


Being particularly well-versed in cultural matters krafthaus found the right answer to the key question of how to present products that are barely visible in everyday life. We did this by developing an exhibition of the third dimension, making the products a walkable, space-related experience.
Guests immersed themselves in the Lanxess world in a disused production hall – the perfect historical setting in which to stage the young company as an island of the future. Despite the clear architectural structure, the complex arrangement of shapes offered plenty of room for exploration. The company’s visual presence provided a consistent basis for our design. The corporate design also became a tangible spatial experience.
Like a theme park, the visitors were guided through the exhibition in three sections comprising the company, the products and their properties. The first contact took place on the red carpet of Main Street. Black letters revealed what was behind the unusual company name: Lancer + Success = Lanxess. A sound collage also conveyed the company’s philosophy and outstanding moments in company’s young history.

Main Street opened into the Piazza, the communicative centre of the exhibition. All four product ranges could be viewed from here. Information points showing various end products provided a quick overview of the diverse application fields of Lanxess products.
The thematic islands around the Piazza presented the products as a uniform triad with specific examples of use. At the beginning an end product was shown into which a Lanxess product had been processed. The second level showed the actual product itself, ie rubbers, plastics etc. The third stage combined the previous two and provided information about product features and benefits. Each level of this triad was assigned one of the corporate colours of black, white or red.
Many communication tools – including graphics, exhibits, texts, product presentations and sound Impressions – were used to familiarise the guests with the young, innovative company. The response to the walkable business card was very positive, even among the professionals who awarded the event silver at the EVA and nominated it for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Because after the event means event before the next event, we created a style guide for Lanxess to ensure that future events were carried out with the same high quality of content and design. The core of this concept, the presentation of the brand in the third dimension, serves as a principle.

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