MS Science 2016/17

Every year, the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft sets off along the waterways of Germany offering an insight into the local research landscape. In the year of science 2016/2017, facts and fiction and Science in Dialogue have designed the exhibition “Ocean and Seas“.

In order to inspire the visitors with the diverse world of the oceans and their exploration, we have used a catchy concept in which they become members of a research expedition and accompany real scientists on different missions.
The 600 m² exhibition area in the cargo bay of the old barge is home to exhibits from the latest research. Joining in with the research is expressly desired.
There’s fun to be had in the High Seas section. Here, two people on two ships wheels can fish garbage from the ocean at the same time. You have one minute to remove as much pollution as possible.
Using virtual reality spectacles, the visitors experience a journey into the deep sea. An impressive, immersive glimpse into a world that is less well researched than the moon.
How does a deep-sea submarine work? How can living creatures survive in the deep sea? What treasures lie beneath the waves? In the Deep Sea theme area, the deep-sea habitat as well as the opportunities and risks of marine mining are investigated.
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