Museum Schnütgen – Glory and Grandeur of the Middle Ages

The Schnütgen Museum commissioned krafthaus, the workshop belonging to facts and fiction, to design and implement a special exhibition entitled Glory and Grandeur of the Middle Ages.


The Schnütgen Museum presented great art from Cologne’s most creative period in a high-profile special exhibition. Many of these works of art had not been seen in Cologne for many decades, some even for many centuries.
In its heyday between 1000 and 1550 AD, Cologne was among the leading centres of art in Europe. Today the masterpieces stemming from this period of time can be found in museums all over the world. For this exhibition, about 160 valuable works returned to the place of their creation on the river Rhine. Exhibits from Berlin, Bonn, Darmstadt, Budapest, London, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon, New York, Washington, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles were complemented by 60 exhibits from the museum’s own collection.
In cooperation with the museum, we developed a fresh and contemporary form of presentation that contradicted the stereotype of the “Dark Ages” and celebrating the epoch as high point of culture in the arts and crafts. The liturgical colour concept of the exhibition divided the exhibition into thematic areas of the church and the bourgeoisie.
Art critics voted the exhibition the best show of year in North Rhine-Westphalia in the 11 December 2011 edition of the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”.
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