From 1714 to 1837, rulers from the House of Hannover occupied the English throne. The Niedersächsische Landesmuseum (Museum of Lower Saxony) commissioned krafthaus to develop a design concept presenting the epoch of personal union as a first-class special exhibition.


krafthaus co-operated closely with the Landesmuseum Hannover and expo2508 on the implementation of the exhibition “When the royals came from Hannover” over a two-year period. We emphasised clear architectural clarity and translated the previously communicated corporate design into a three-dimensional space.
The exhibition strikingly contrasted Hannover with England. Red was chosen for the complete area covering Lower Saxony and royal blue for England. The exchange between them was symbolised by the floor graphics. Topics applying to both countries were shown as individual white “islands”. The “protagonist island” presented a distinguished personality. The thematic islands addressed complex issues with various consequences. The rectangular “windows” installed into slots in the exhibition walls displayed films and photographs, and provided a view of the two further exhibition sites.
Covering approximately 2,000 square metres, the fruitful scientific and cultural exchange between London and Hannover was illustrated with precious exhibits. Interactive stations invited visitors to learn more about the splendour of the royal court in London and the activities of George Frideric Handel. The content-related thread was highlighted by a unique collection of objects leaving a lasting impression on the visitors.
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