Space for Earth Pavilion

The ILA Berlin Air Show is one of the most important trade fairs in the European aerospace sector. It is the only one of the three major European trade fairs to provide an overview of the European space industry in conjunction with high-level events. The “Space Pavilion” joint exhibition stand of the Federation of German Aerospace Industry (BDLI e.V.), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) was one of the top crowd pullers at the air show.


On trade visitor days the stand presented the most important trends, current space applications and technological bandwidth of the European space industry to decision-makers in politics and business. On the general open days the public was presented with the case for the global importance of space travel in the future. The presentation of very complex contents therefore needed to be kept as simple as possible while maintaining factual accuracy. German and European space projects and programs were the focus of the exhibition, which sought to keep the eternal fascination with the idea of “infinite space untouched by humankind” alive and underline the importance of various space travel applications for our life on earth.
Presumably, none of the approx. 240,000 ILA visitors had ever seen space with their own eyes. Everyone however has certain ideas predominantly shaped by the media and cinema. These include the extreme back and white contrasts in space caused by surfaces facing to or away from the light of the sun. In this way the visitors were immersed in a world very different from the one shown by the colourful trade fair at Berlin-Schönefeld.
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