The Desert

“The Desert” dramatically presented archaeological finds, ethnographic objects, living desert animals, art objects and scientific data and facts on 1,600 square metres of exhibition space.


The exhibition extended through various rooms of the museum and a visitor information system called “Follow the caravan” was developed that guided the visitors by the different sections of the temporary exhibition in a way that was easy to understand.
The exhibition at the Hessian Federal State Museum at Darmstadt was made tangible with the numerous interactive installations and the exhibition visitors were able to experience, touch, smell and feel the desert.
The desert is a landscape of contrasts. The interplay between different rooms, colours, lighting effects and layers determined the appearance of the exhibition which began with the history of the desert research before moving to its presentation as a habitat for plants, animals and humans. A mechanical camel invited the visitors to climb aboard and experience the movement of the “ship of the desert” first hand.
Thirteen tons of sand and gravel from the Tunisian Sahara give rise to a vast desert panorama. The reconstruction of an archaeological dig revealed the work of researchers in the desert. The medieval-looking courtyard of the museum was transformed into an oasis growing into a place of information and communication with a fountain as the central meeting point.
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