Yes, we’re open!

Due to demographic change and the resulting lack of skilled workers in some industrial sectors, Germany is among the OECD countries with the lowest barriers for immigration of a qualified workforce. Specialists from all over the world are expected to contribute towards securing the country’s future prosperity.


On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, krafthaus presented an exhibition entitled “Yes we’re open!” as part of the federal government’s campaign to attract a skilled workforce to Germany.
Under the title “Yes, we’re open!” the exhibition invited visitors to an abstract apartment whose rooms symbolised various areas of life and in which different people make the topics of immigration, integration and a welcoming attitude accessible through personal stories. The paediatrician from Armenia who can finally work in her profession again, the car mechanic apprentice from Spain who profits from the free choice of workplaces within the EU, the German entrepreneur happy to employ a skilled workforce from abroad – the exhibition presents a multifaceted Germany open to the world.
With its exhibits, interactive installations and films, “Yes we’re open“ showed how living together works, and why people of different cultural backgrounds provide enrichment, despite the challenges involved. Facts about the history of immigration to Germany, specific examples of interculturalism and a friendly welcome at German companies, schools and by the public authorities provided the contents.
The 400-metre-square travelling exhibition crossed the Bundesrepublik for a period of over two years. Stops including documenta in Kassel, the Museum for Communication in Nuremberg, the Rhein-Mosel Hall in Koblenz, and Schuppen 9 in Lübeck showed the public, companies and skilled workers the potentials and perspectives, and demonstrated some the available options. You need determination if you want to attract bright minds.
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